This guy has been labeled as the world's dumbest criminal ever! With very good reason!

Have you ever been so excited that you completely forgot how to read? Well, this guy sure did and its hilarious!

You know the old saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall?"
Watch this 340 lbs. mean looking dude take a taser to the back. Not only does he fall but he starts crying like a little girl!

This stupid criminal thought breaking into a chicken shack in the early morning hours would be a "safe" bet! He was wrong!

This guy was to busy pulling off his obviously well thought out bank robbery to notice the uniformed officer right behind him. I don't think that was part of the plan!

Death by cop! This guy decides that charging police(who's guns are drawn by the way!) with a knife is the only way out. He was right!

How many rocks does it take for a stupid criminal to smash a window? I'm guessing more than two!