Sneaking Back Into Jail.....Really?

Why Fourteen?

Harry Jackson
Inmate Arrested Sneaking Back Into Jail

WOODBINE, Ga. -- Sheriff's deputies arrested a Camden County inmate trying to sneak back into jail.

Sheriff Tommy Gregory said Saturday that Harry Jackson, 25, of St. Marys had broken out of the jail, strolled to a nearby convenience store where he broke in and stole about 14 packs of cigarettes.

Jackson then tried to sneak back into the jail with the cigarettes.

The jail is a smoke-free facility.

Gregory said authorities at first thought they had separate incidents -- a jailbreak and a burglary. The jailbreak was discovered when a door was found unlocked.

Jackson was being held on charges of forgery, identity fraud, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, obstruction of an officer and traffic violations. Now he'll also face an escape charge.

How Stupid can you really be? That is all I have to say.